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Nanded City Council Overview

What began as a modest dream of 235 farmer families now stands as a figure of their determination and belief. Inspired by the internationally renowned Magarpatta City Model, Nanded City, Pune is a culmination of their efforts. With a total area of 700 acres, Nanded City is the epitome of Green Designing home to 1/2/2.5/3 BHK apartments, two schools and several recreational facilities. Located on Sinhagad Road, it is an area that is growing rapidly as a prime residential and commercial destination. It is conveniently located at an area that is easily accessible yet away from the chaos of the city. The vast green spaces and thoughtful architecture only add to the beauty of the surrounding areas. The commercial district will comprise of major Corporate Houses and Business Centers. Moreover, with 230 acres of land especially reserved for greenery, Nanded City, Pune enjoys pollution free air, eco-friendly features and self-sustainable systems; assuring a life that is truly in tune with nature.

While developing this concept of inclusive growth it was also the Company’s vision to create a vibrant homogenous society of residents. In continuation of this vision the Company, along with the residents have floated the Nanded City Council. The formation of the Council was a unique concept again probably for the 1st time in the country for Magarpatta City and now the same classified thoughts would be utilized at Nanded City, wherein the primary objective is to involve all the residents in social, cultural and sports activities. It is a unique opportunity to take this concept together to a more matured and functional level for the betterment of both the Residents as well as the Administration.

The Council will function on following 3 objectives:

  • Listen to the Voice of Nanded City Residents, Address the issues & concerns and facilitate better living.
  • Create harmony & cohesive atmosphere in Nanded City by motivating Residents to participate in various Community activities.
  • Ensure a peaceful, secured and enriched living in the best possible environment.

The Council Members will be selected on following basis:

  • For every 150 flats there will be one representative in the Council. Selection will be done by neighborhood basis. In case of more applications, selection will be done by draw of lots in presence of applicants.
  • 33% of the Council Members will be reserved for ladies.
  • Only flat owners physically residing in Nanded City are eligible to be a member of this council. In case of joint holders of the flat only one person can apply.

The Council will work as a two tier organization – The selected Council Members and the Company, which is in charge of administration and maintenance.