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FAQ’s For Water Card / Meter

How to recharge/activate the water meter?

When the water meter card is issued to the customer initially by PMS, the PMS team informs the plumber to activate the card at customer’s flat.
For the first time the plumber will assist the customer for activation of water meter. From second time onwards, customer has to do the recharge on his own.

How much is my reserve stock?

Reserve stock will depend on the usage of the water and the amount he/she has recharged for. To maintain a reserve stock, the customer has to recharge for a minimum amount of Rs.300/-.

What is the slab cost charged as per usage?

Slabs Criterion on Usage Cost to Consumer / 1000 Ltrs (In Rs.)
First Cut Cost of water per 1000 Litres if consumed below 675 Litres a day Rs. 20.53p
Second Cut Cost of water if consumed between 675 litres to 810 Litres a day Rs. 22.58p
Third cut Cost of water per 1000 Litres if consumed above 810 a day Rs. 24.84p

When I have to recharge?

When the water stops indicating it is at reserve stock, the customer has to come to PMS office and recharge the Water Card. Meanwhile, the customer can start water supply by holding the card at induction area for 10 seconds. This Reserve stock will be available only for short period, depending on the usage by customer.

How to cut down on water consumption?

  1. Every individual has to be very careful about usage of water.
  2. He/She should ensure that there is no leakage in the tap.
  3. Please ensure that tap is properly closed after every use and when not in use.
  4. Avoid unnecessary flowing of water when not in use.

What you are not supposed to do?

  1. Don’t temper water meter on your own, call PMS for any issue.
  2. Avoid calling security guard for any water card issues.
  3. Do not use any other customer’s water card, as system will malfunction and show error.

What you have to do?

    1. Recharge card immediately after meter gives indication for reserve stock.
    2. After charging hold water card for 10 seconds recharging water meter gets recharge.
    3. Keep your water card at dry / cool place.
    4. For recharging the water card every time you need to get water card to PMS office on each charging.
    5. In case the water finishes, please call PMS during working hours as you get enough time once the meter goes in reserve.

Process for Prepaid Meter

Picture no.01Freedom Unit Installed location
Picture no.02Freedom Unit with Key Pad
Process for Prepaid Meter Recharge -
Press  *  then Vend code and press # after that you will get massage as ACCEPTED on display of freedom unit. The credit is added to your prepaid meter account.
Function of keys -
For unit consumption : Press the 9 key on freedom unit.
For prepaid meter balance : Press the # key on freedom unit.
If meter tripped to reset : Press 0 ( zero ) key on freedom unit.
Please note the following
If the power supply cut-off in the flat due to negative balance in the prepaid meter, same will not be connected by any one. You will have to recharge meter.Or you can keep extra recharge with yourself.
Generated recharge vend for a specific meter can’t be used for another meters.
The tariff rates & Slabs  for prepaid meters are same as Post paid meter. These meters defined by MSEDCL.
All the meters being tested & certified by MSEDCL.